WANotif.com in action


Whatsapp Notifications is a tool to send lots of Whatsapp messages easily and quickly ONLY with 1 CLICK


How It's Work?


Step 1.
Sign Up.


Step 2.
Create a Contact Group and Upload your contact database.


Step 3.
Create a Message Template


Step 4.
Scan Whatsapp QR Code on your mobile to our system.


Step 5.
Send messages, which can be scheduled according to what you want (date, time) Our system will work for you.


Do we have to install a software? There is no need for our application to run on the web based so you can send messages via your Smart Phone / Computer anywhere and anytime.


Video Manual



From the video above you can see how easy our panels are made.




  1. 1. Send Scheduled Messages
  3. 2. Group Members You can create many groups, for example VIP customers or Regular Customers with different messages.
  5. 3. Send Birthday Messages to your customers, you can also send discount vouchers. Show your Care with Customer.
  7. 4. The message template is personalized with the Customer's Name in accordance with the database.
  9. 5. API Ready can be linked to your CRM or Website to send bills / reminders / Anything
  11. 6. Our system will help you to Campaign your Product with 1 click
  13. 7. Mobile Friendly You can send Whatsapp messages via your Smart Phone / Computer anywhere and anytime.


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