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3 ways to dramatically increase the battery life of your Google Pixel

Any smartphone user has undoubtedly experienced anxiety when they read a low battery warning. Although energy management on Android and Google Pixel devices has substantially improved in recent years, the best approach to extend the life of your battery is via software settings. Users must learn if they are to benefit from this. These buried gems abound in Google’s Pixel software. Here, we examine cutting-edge solutions to extend battery life.

Google Pixel
increase the battery life of your Google Pixel

Smart charging

The first step in prolonging Pixel battery life is to improve and boost the charging performance of Google devices. This may eventually increase battery life and performance. Even while the impact isn’t great right away, you may anticipate a greater battery improvement after using Pixel devices for a while. Adaptive charging is the mode, and it operates in a straightforward manner.

Regardless of the time zone, the Pixel will automatically slow down charging if it is being charged between 9:00 PM and 4:00 AM in order to evenly distribute power throughout the duration of the charge.
You must set the Pixel Clock app’s alarm for between 3am and 10am in order to utilize this function.
The charging is paused by this function so that it may terminate just before waking up since it detects the alarm time as the time to complete charging.

All that is left to do is choose the choice. When you charge for a certain night in the future, this feature will turn on automatically. You may configure your Pixel 4 or later in the manner shown below:

  • Enter the Pixel’s settings page. Simply hit the gear symbol in the panel’s lower-right corner after two quick swipes from the top of the screen.
  • Toggle between “Battery” and “Adaptive preferences.”
  • Turn on adaptive charging by toggling the toggle next to it.

The Pixel will automatically optimize the charging pattern if the alarm is set to go off in the morning and it is charged overnight. It’s rather simple, isn’t it?

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Intelligent power distribution

Let’s examine the Pixel’s real power use trends now that the charging issue has been resolved. You may also find here the clever features of Google’s software that you merely need to use. The Adaptive Battery setting mode is exclusive to Pixel devices. Examine the most popular applications throughout the day. The system power allotment is then adjusted to decrease resources for seldom used programs that are power-hungry. In order to fully optimize your smartphone, the function really learns how you use it and modifies the default power management settings for Android. This function is also easy to utilize. Just make the option active.

  • Return to the Pixel’s system settings and choose “Battery” once again.
  • Then choose “Adaptive Preferences.”
  • Find “Adaptive battery” this time, and see whether the switch is turned on next to it.
  • Whenever possible, use a toggle button.

It hasn’t ended yet. One additional sophisticated parameter for the pixel battery is important to mention.

Smart saving

The last and most crucial piece of advice for increasing Pixel battery life. No matter how diligent a user is, there will come a time when the battery will fully deplete and the Pixel phone will switch off. The Pixel cleverly modifies its functionality when the battery is low to keep the phone from shutting down. It’s a neat function referred to as “Battery Saver.” Usually, some kind of this functionality is turned on by default. Implementation pixel products, however, are often not set up in an efficient manner. You may configure it as follows in this situation.

  • Reset the Pixel system settings if necessary.
  • Then hit Battery Saver after selecting “Battery.”
  • Choose “Based on your routine” under “Set a timetable” on the menu that appears.

It now functions in the same manner as the first two techniques. The Pixel smartphone utilizes this as a reference to forecast when the battery capacity would drop when the user learns the real use behavior. Additionally, it will instantly turn on the Pixel Battery Saver technology to save power when a critical discharge is detected. In other words, it restricts location services and background activities while downconverting 5G data to 4G data. disables extraneous features including the Pixel’s always-on display, the recognition of numerous Assistant start phrases, and high display refresh rates.

You may increase the battery life of your Pixel device for up to many hours simply by changing these three settings, regardless of the battery level. There is one more option to have a look at for Pixel 3 or later devices only if you want to increase battery life even more.

  • In the Pixel’s “Battery Saver” settings menu, choose “Extreme Battery Saver.”
  • When prompted, choose “Ask every time” under “When to use.”

Every time Standard Battery Saver activates it, this will prompt you to decide if you wish to utilize Extreme Battery Saver. The Pixel’s Extreme Battery Saver mode has fewer options, as you should be aware. As a result, the majority of applications will freeze, become unable to deliver alerts, and have their overall processing speed reduced down in order to save power. It’s a function you won’t always want to turn on unless you’re battery-obsessed since it significantly interferes with your Pixel experience. It may seem like a “lifesaver” if you have to utilize even the most basic features of a smartphone till the end of the day.

Use the “Turn off when charged” setting in the “Battery Saver” settings menu on your Pixel as an added suggestion. The power conservation feature on a smartphone is automatically disabled when the battery level reaches above 90%. Another helpful aspect that simplifies life.

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