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“It’s free, but it’s fast” 4 Best Free VPN for Chrome browser

If you have a Chromebook and require Best Free VPN, or if you find installing apps difficult, check into Chrome extensions. You use a VPN application to access a website. A web browser is also necessary for the web service.

Best Free VPN
Best Free VPN

Therefore, installing the complete VPN application is not necessary. While your regular job is to use your local IP address, if you install a Chrome extension that offers a VPN, you may make your online browser look as if you are someplace else.

If you don’t want complex capabilities, a free VPN is the best option. In reality, there are a lot of free VPN extensions available if you search the Chrome Web Store, but it might be challenging to choose one that is trustworthy. The programs on the list below have all been reviewed and tested by me. A Windows operating system was used for the experiments.

VPN vs proxy

Let’s first examine the idea of a proxy server before we begin to look at the software in detail. All of the services listed below may be used with a VPN simply setting up a desktop application. The Chrome extension version employs a proxy server even though it utilizes the same application.

What is the distinction? All of your traffic is routed via a VPN server. In other words, the computer software thinks it is in the location that the VPN app has selected, whether the user is using Chrome or the Epic Games Launcher.

However, the Chrome extension’s proxy server only makes use of the traffic that is produced by the web browser. Only Chrome OS stands out. To enable Chrome extensions to function like standard VPNs, Chrome OS makes use of particular APIs. This API is not used by other operating systems like Windows or MacOS. These distinctions are not made in this article. Almost every software claims to employ a proxy server, with the exception of ZenMate. I emailed Zenmate to inquire about Chrome OS traffic, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

1. CyberGhost

CyberGhost moves really quickly. Chrome’s free version may be used without creating an account. CyberGhost offers four different server locations, but there are no options to fiddle with. There are no other features. However, due to the fact that it has no bandwidth or use restrictions, CyberGhost is the finest.

There is no such thing as a setting, but a little advertisement urging you to upgrade to a premium service will appear at the bottom of the extension window.


  • Very decent speed
  • Easy to use interface
  • Strict no-logging policy


  • Lack of advanced features like dual VPN
  • Weak speed in Asia during testing

2. Windscribe

In actuality, Windscribe is not an application that is highly recommended elsewhere. However, in my opinion, the speed and service are enough and free.

There is a 2 GB monthly use limit. While it’s pretty functional for routine web browsing, if you’re streaming a movie in 1080p or higher, you’ll quickly reach your bandwidth cap. There are 14 different virtual venues available, but no specific Netflix streaming servers. Ad blocking is also available to free users. Additionally, you may disregard cookie notice banners and disable social media buttons and widgets. These add-ons must be added individually since they are not set by default.

A username and password must be created in order to use Windscribe, an email address is not required. Please keep in mind your username and password since it is highly challenging to restore an account without an email address.


  • Provides useful link shortening services such as Secure link Generator
  • Integration with Netflix


  • Not the fastest

3. ZenMate

A nice software to choose is Zenmate. Zenmate’s Chrome plugin is really easy to use. Free locations are available in four different places, although unlike Windscribe, the free edition lacks a dedicated streaming server.

When inputting credit card information, Zenmate offers additional security safeguards that may be utilized to stop tracking, cookies, and malware.

You do not need to log in individually for the free version. Instead, you get an advertisement urging you to switch to a paying service. Although there is no use limit, the maximum speed is 2MB per second.


  • Very easy to use
  • Supports essential countries, but limited scope


  • Speed ​​Moderate
  • Too simple and seems insufficient

4. Hide.me 

Another excellent option for a free proxy Chrome addon is Hydme. Although there is no warning of a bandwidth restriction, tests revealed that Windows could only utilize up to 10GB. Your email address is not required. The WebRTC (WebRTC) IP leak protection feature is offered by the free service. Three different sites are available in total.


  • Decent download speed
  • Easy to use Windows app
  • No log collection


  • Inconsistent speed in tests
  • Expensive one-year subscription

Tips for Using Free VPN/Proxy Extensions for Chrome

We highly advise that you choose one of the well-known goods while downloading extensions. Unknown VPN/proxy services are a kind of fraudulent service that might compromise security. A well-liked service is less likely to do this. Be mindful that even reputable VPNs have unauthorized applications. You must thus pay close attention to the word “provider” that appears after the extension name in the Chrome Web Store. It’s also a good idea to look for a Chrome extension download link on the VPN’s official website before attempting to install it.

Best Free VPN
Best Free VPN

We advise utilizing a service that does not need a login for brief use. Although creating an account with Windscribe is cumbersome, don’t overlook the fact that there are still helpful supplementary services.

You may be concerned about the speed variations, but all of the VPNs discussed here—including the comparatively slow Zenmate—are fast enough to let you to browse the web and view streaming movies.

Test strategy

Here is the test methodology. Over three days, each service is evaluated independently. Five nation sites throughout the world are chosen for the testing period, and each place is tested three times. I also tested the speed at the default setting (without a VPN).

The global average is then calculated by averaging the test speed with the base speed. A percentage of the base speed is then used to indicate the average. This is not intended to provide precise MBps values since they may change based on the IPS, services, etc.

We looked at the number of locations, extension design, and other features when researching Chrome extensions.

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