5 reasons iPhone 14 Pro should blow away the iPhone 14

Why should you go iPhone 14 Pro in 2022? Apple has been producing Pro versions of its handsets since the iPhone 11, but the changes between the standard and Pro models have been modest for most consumers, unless they are avid photographers.

iPhone 14 Pro
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But, by 2022, it seems that Apple has realized the value of the upsell: the iPhone 14 Pro appears to be a significant advance above the regular iPhone 14.

Here are five reasons why you should consider getting Pro when the iPhone 14 releases in September, and for more information, see our iPhone 14 versus iPhone 14 Pro preview.

A16 Bionic’s Strength

This might be one of the most significant distinctions this time. Previously, all iPhones — from the entry-level SE to the most expensive Pro Max — utilized the same A-series Bionic processor, giving them roughly comparable performance.

iPhone 14 Pro
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If rumors are to be believed, not this year. Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple analyst, claimed in March that although the iPhone 14 Pro would have the new A16 Bionic chip, the standard iPhone 14 models will retain the A15 chipset found in the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 3. Other publications have subsequently confirmed Kuo’s assertion.

To be sure, the A15 is no slacker, and it’s still quicker than Qualcomm’s top Android processor. When it comes to A16 Bionic versus A15 Bionic, though, there should be no contest.

The notch has been retired

Since the iPhone X in 2017, the notch has become an Apple trademark, even appearing on high-end MacBooks.

iPhone 14 Pro
The notch

However, it has never been popular with purchasers who, at best, tolerate it. According to many reports, if you want to get rid of the notch by 2022, you’ll need to go Pro (opens in new tab).

However, what is supposed to replace the notch seems to be a matter of personal preference. According to rumors, the iPhone 14 Pro series will include a punch hole for the front camera and a pill-shaped cutout for Face ID technology. It is entirely up to your taste if a twin punch-hole appearance is preferable to a notch.

A smoother screen with an always-on display

While both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have OLED panels, only the latter boasts ProMotion — the 120Hz refresh rate that makes everything seem smoother and allows games to run at speeds higher than 60 frames per second.

iPhone 14 Pro
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This distinction is likely to be maintained in the next generation, although the iPhone 14 Pro will allegedly include an always-on display for the first time. This has long been a feature of Android phones (and, indeed, the Apple Watch) and enables features such as the time and alerts to be shown even when the phone isn’t turned on.

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As seen in the picture above, the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display is likely to incorporate wallpapers. As a result, you may see the same iOS 16 lock screen widgets, but at a lower brightness.

A large 48MP primary camera

Apple has used 12-megapixel sensors for its back cameras since the iPhone 6S in 2015, but the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to alter that with a 48MP lens.

iPhone 14 Pro
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Yes, some people question that allegation, but as additional CAD leaks have surfaced, it’s become evident that the camera bulge on the rear of the iPhone 14 Pro models is greater than in prior generations.

According to reports, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will capture 48MP photographs but will employ pixel binning to produce 12MP images for those who wish to conserve space. In any case, the degree of detail should be increased. Furthermore, this sensor is said to support 8K video recording, a first for iPhones.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, this is to create way for the improved picture sensors.

Telephoto zoom is still a Pro-only feature

Another feature that has previously been restricted to Pro iPhones is a 3x optical zoom, which does not seem to be changing with the iPhone 14. Indeed, considering Apple’s drive to upsell, it is unlikely.

iPhone 14 Pro
Better Zoom

We haven’t heard of any improvements beyond the iPhone 13 Pro’s 3x optical zoom (the top camera phones give up to 10x), which will be insufficient for some. According to reports, Apple will adopt a periscope zoom camera with the iPhone 15 in 2023. However, if you’re selecting between new iPhones this year, this will be the best option.

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