PT Ciberindo Makmur Sejahtera (CMS Network) is a national company engaged in eCommerce and online services in Indonesia.


Founded in 1995 with the brand name Ciberindo Pratama, a company that was initially engaged in the field of Internet Service Providers, Software Development, Trading of computer equipment and software.


Because at that time online transaction traffic was more widely used by the gamer and trader community, the target of CMS Network was gamers, online game developers, traders and brokers. Over time, online transaction traffic began to be used in almost all economic activities that automatically made the target market more widespread, ranging from online shops to other business sectors that require online payment media, both domestically and abroad. Until now, CMS Network serves many members who are spread in almost all countries in the world.


In line with business progress, in 2018 a subsidiary of PT Ciberindo Makmur Sejahtera will continue to develop businesses in the business of distribution and multibiller, payment business to provide eCommerce services, etc. to the people of Indonesia and the world.


On May 17, 2018 PT Ciberindo Makmur Sejahtera was officially registered.




Educating for Indonesian people, middle and lower class, can understand Online Business and also train Indonesian MSMEs to sell products directly to Abroad. Also a service provider of Cashier Management Systems and online services that have competence, quality, tough, and image that is trusted nationally as well as internationally.




1. Conducting education for middle and lower class people and Indonesian SMEs can feel the benefits of online business.


2. Making Indonesia's MSME independent and developing in the National and International markets.


3. Organizing online services in a professional manner


4. Organizing corporate governance and business portfolios based on superior and professional modern management systems.


5. Creating business opportunities for individuals and business entities in the fields of E-Commerce, E-Payment, Cashier Management Cloud System, document and food delivery services and online services in an easy, inexpensive, practical and profitable way for customers.


6. Continue to make creative innovations to provide E-Commerce services, E-Payment Cashier Management Cloud Systems, and online services with the support of quality human resources and technology that are in line with market needs.


7. Establish and maintain good cooperation with Merchants and provide up to date facilities to support fast and safe service systems for customers in their transaction activities.





PT Ciberindo Makmur Sejahtera
    Great Western Resort 2915AB
    Tangerang - 15143
    Banten - Indonesia
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