Copenhagen Mass Shootings: Three people are shot and killed in a Danish shopping mall

Police claim that before today’s horrible shootings in Copenhagen, they discovered a memorable post from a 22-year-old loner gunman. Three individuals were murdered and three more were discovered to be in danger in Copenhagen, Denmark, when a shooter with a firearm opened fire on a customer.

Copenhagen Mass Shootings
Copenhagen Mass Shootings

Police claim that before today’s horrible shootings in Copenhagen, they discovered a memorable post from a 22-year-old loner gunman. Three individuals were murdered and three more were discovered to be in danger in Copenhagen, Denmark, when a shooter with a firearm opened fire on a customer.

On Sunday night (Monday early AEST), a gunman with a “hunting rifle” opened fire at a mall in the country close to where Harry Styles was supposed to play two hours later, terrifying terrified people. I took off running for cover.

Police in Denmark said that numerous people had been hurt and stated they had detained a person in his twenties. At a news conference on Sunday night, Copenhagen police chief Soren Thomassen stated, “We know there are a few fatalities now.” In a terrifying video, the 22-year-old shooter can be seen carrying a fake pistol and supposedly courting the victim while wearing a vest and a cap with a retro vibe. After giving himself over to an armed police officer outside, he was subsequently spotted kneeling.

A guy in his 40s and two children were the casualties, according to Thomassen. The police chief added during a news conference, “Our suspect is also recognized for his psychiatric services, but I don’t want to talk any more.” Thomassen stated that there was no evidence that it was a terrorist attack and that the victims looked to have been picked at random. A 17-year-old Danish man and woman, as well as a 47-year-old Russian national who lived in Denmark, were named as the three victims.

Police stated that they thought the video the suspect had been appearing in since Sunday night on social media was real. A young male may be seen talking about “ineffective” mental medications, posing with a weapon, and mimicking a suicide gesture. Accounts on YouTube and Instagram that seem to belong to the suspect were deleted overnight, according to AFP. Although Thomassen said it was too early to determine a motive, he described the detained suspect as “ethnic Danish.”

The police head declared, “We are investigating that it is terrorism as an act that cannot be ruled out.” Police continued to bolster their presence around the mall and around Copenhagen, they said, adding that there were no indications the guy had interacted with anyone. A judge will cross-examine the defendant, who has been charged with manslaughter, on Monday.

The Tour de France Cycling Tournament organizers released a statement expressing condolences following the incident that occurred two days after the event’s departure from Copenhagen this year. He remarked, “The entire Tour de France caravan sends its deepest sympathies to the victims and their families.

Images from the site reveal that people are being evacuated on stretchers and that parents are holding their children as they exit the building. When the first gun was fired, witnesses described by Danish media witnessed more than 100 people scurrying for the exit of the retail complex.

Copenhagen Mass Shootings
People leave Field’s shopping centre, after Danish police said they received reports of shooting

When the attack occurred, Sea Ashmidt, who was present at the mall, said, “I could see a lot of people suddenly racing towards the exit, and then we heard a bang. Then we ran out of fields as well. Emilie Jeppesen, a 20-year-old from Denmark, stated to Jyllands Posten: All of a sudden, there was chaos everywhere. “As we were eating, we immediately noticed people rushing. “Soon after, we questioned, “Why do humans run? But later, we heard the shot. Astrid Kofoed Jrgensen, a friend of hers, adds:

Jacob Sahin Ekman, another witness, told the media that he believed he had heard “approximately 15 bullets.” The 27-year-old claimed he was preparing to eat with a companion when the shoot started. “He stepped out on the phone, and all of a sudden he raced to Dar Valle and yelled, Someone is firing,” the author continued. I then sat down underneath the bar. Everything seemed incredibly unrealistic, much as in a movie.

Since then, a shooter published a video of himself brandishing a weapon on YouTube last week. Report about Jyllands Poten. According to reports, one of the four recordings that was later deleted was published with the statement “I don’t care.” Another person mentioned the medication quetiapine, which is used to treat psychotic conditions like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and mania. The medication is allegedly “ineffective”. “There was a gunshot,”

Police asked everyone inside the building to wait until they arrived and ordered others to leave the vicinity. Police also requested contact information from any witnesses and advised anyone who was at the retail mall to get in touch with their loved ones to comfort them.

According to Isabella, who spoke to public broadcaster DR, “Suddenly I heard gunshots, I heard 10 gunshots, and raced as much as I could to flee to the restroom.” She claimed to have spent two hours hiding in the mall. Other witnesses described the gunman as a 1.8-meter-tall guy with a hunting rifle.

According to AFP journalists on the site, the subway stopped running at 7:30 p.m. (Greenwich Mean Time 1730) and helicopters began circling overhead. Heavy-armed police forces stopped people from going home and arrested onlookers.

The evening was set aside for a performance by British singer Harry Styles at the close-by Royal Arena. After the shooting, the organizer declared that it would go on as scheduled, but after criticism, she changed her mind and said it would be cancelled.

“My colleagues and I offer prayers to everyone affected in the shoot at the mall in Copenhagen. I was stunned,” Styles wrote on Snapchat. The attack happened shortly after a shooter in Oslo, neighboring Norway, opened fire close to a homosexual pub, killing two people and injured 21 others.

Copenhagen had a string of gunshots in February 2015 that left two persons dead and five more wounded.

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