Daredevil Born Again: will all the characters be back?

While Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock are announced in the casting, which other characters will be back?

Daredevil Born Again: will all the characters be back?
Daredevil Born Again

Daredevil resumes service. 4 years after a forced retirement on Netflix, the vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen returns to the front of the stage. During San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel confirmed that a Daredevil Born Again series is currently in development. She also announced the participation of Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox.

he first series created by Drew Goddard thus becomes canon, well almost. We do not yet know exactly how Born Again will stand vis-à-vis its elder. Will it be about starting from scratch? Will this new series pick up where we left off? We will probably have to wait a little longer to find out.

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As a reminder, Daredevil season 3 ended with the arrest of Wilson Fisk. The Kingpin was again put out of harm’s way, Matt seemed on his side well decided to reopen his office with Karen and Foggy. A new antagonist had nevertheless appeared, and promised to become an important element of the hypothetical season 4. It was Benjamin Poindexter alias the Shooter.

Hawkeye blurs the tracks

The brief appearance of Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home confirms that the latter is still a lawyer and that he could therefore have decided to reopen his firm with his friends. For Wilson Fisk, on the other hand, it is more difficult to explain his career. He is free as air in Hawkeye , even as he was to languish in prison for many years following his defeat by Daredevil. The Echo series should clear up these gray areas.

Who from Karen, Foggy or Claire will be making a comeback on our screens? For the moment, their presence has not been confirmed. Rosario Dawson, who plays the nurse and friend of Matt Murdock, nevertheless spoke on this subject. During an interview for The Hollywood Reporter , she confided not ruling out the possibility of a return:

“Oh yes ! Obviously. We don’t even see her in the last scene of Luke Cage, when he tells Claire to come home. What is that ? It’s horrible. So yes I am very curious to see what will happen. I am also happy for everyone. The wait was long. I was really excited to know that all of our series are now joining the MCU. So yes, 18 episodes of Daredevil: Born Again? I’m here ! Disney, Marvel and Star Wars, they know where to find me (laughs)”

It must be said that his character is a key element of the various series developed by Netflix. It is she who makes the link between all the protagonists, from Daredevil to Iron Fist via Luke Cage. She could thus resume her role as a serving hatch between the different superheroes of the license. In the meantime, we will find Matt Murdock in She-Hulk .

The lawyer should meet one of her colleagues, on several occasions. The first trailer showed him in costume, which had also given itself a little facelift and color. It is not yet known if Foggy Nelson will assist his friend in any way. Answer in a few weeks. Until then, you can see or rewatch Daredevil on Disney+, as well as all the Defenders series .

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