Diablo Immortal Strategy: Rune Commentary and List

In this article, I have described and listed the Diablo Immortal runes. Runes are rare and valuable crafting materials used to make powerful Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal. For a complete list of all Rune materials, how to get them, and how to use them in Legendary Gem crafting, read on!


RanknameMain acquisition method
Star 1Achi RuneElder lift
Star 1Way RunesElder lift
Star 1Knee RuneElder lift
Star 1Pila RuneElder lift
Star 1Lux runesElder lift
Star 1Ord RuneElder lift
Star 1Sill RuneElder lift
Star 1Urus RuneElder lift
Star 1Bol RuneElder lift
Star 1Ent RuneElder lift
Star 1Draw runesElder lift
Star 1Vox RunesElder lift
Star 1Ray RuneElder lift
Star 1Tyra RuneElder lift
Star 1AudElder lift
Star 2Fa RuneElderlift
Fading Embers x 18
Star 2NouElder lift
Star 2ImmElder lift
Star 2EceElder lift
Star 2CirElder lift
Star 2LazElder lift
Star 2ZuhElder lift
Star 2PhyElder lift
Star 2OthElder lift

Rune commentary

Runes are a material for crafting legendary gem. Runes are ranked according to rarity and use, but not in clear language. Therefore, in this article, runes that are used as crafts of 1-star legendary gems are classified as “star 1”, and runes that are used as crafts of 2-star legendary gems are classified as “star 2” for convenience.

Among them, Star 1 Achi Rune is the crafting material for all Legendary Jewels from Star 1 to Star 2, and Star 2 Fa Rune is the basic rune for random crafting.

How to get runes

  1. Elderlift (when using creststone) When
    using creststone, you can get 4 runes per lap of the elderlift . More runes are available when using crest stones.
  2. Buy with Fading Embers from Celic (Fading Embers and Rune Merchants) Ceric
    is to the left of the West March Elderlift entrance.

|Fading embers

Explanation of fading embers

Fading embers are a material to replace runes.

How to get the fading embers

  1. Elder Lift
    Elder Lift Eight fading embers are available per lap . More fading embers are available when using crest stones.
  2. Selling unwanted runes to Celic (fading embers and rune merchants)
    Celic is to the left of the West March Elderlift entrance.
Diablo Immortal


We have provided a commentary and list of Diablo Immortal runes. We will update the article according to the update, so do not miss it in the future!

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