Is very Easy, Sign Up, Login, Input your Whatsapp Number, Scan QR Code, DONE. If you need a custom API system for our CRM or Website contact us we will made a plugin for you

Is a tool to send lots of Whatsapp messages easily and quickly ONLY with 1 CLICK, Also There is a API System can be integrated into your Website or Application or CRM.

You can send Invoice, Reminder Invoice, Payment Receive, Campaign, Send Birthday Gift / Voucher

The goal of the WANotif Platform is to send messages to all contacts that you know are Customers or Client It is not allowed to use the WANotif Application System to send SPAM messages to people you don't know. Once again WANotif IS NOT RESPONSIBLE if BANNED Whatsapp Number that you use.

As is the case with sending Whatsapp messages to people who have not saved your contacts, the risk is still present if a sufficient number of customers receive your message either intentionally / unintentionally click 'spam' or 'report' in the message that you send it. You can minimize this risk by giving you the option to include a checklist on your store's checkout page, which asks for approval to send order details to the customer's whatsapp account. Once again WANotif IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF BANNED Your Whatsapp Number.

No, we are a standalone service provider that only automates the normal Whatsapp application for sending messages automatically. This WANotif application system IS NOT AFFILLED with Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a trademark registered by Whatsapp Inc. Software Warranty that is binding on this application system is limited to modules for processing data received and sent through the WANotif application Policies that have been or will be issued by Whatsapp Inc. as the Whatsapp trademark holder which can cause this system to not work are not part of this warranty service. The policy in question can relate to access to the use of the Whatsapp application, Whatsapp application features, supporting device specifications, and other policies which are the full rights of Whatsapp Inc. as the trademark owner.

The number to use is your own Whatsapp number recommends that you use the other whatsapp no because if it has been used on the system then the Whatsapp No CANNOT be used again for Web Whatsapp Service

No, You do not have install anything. Our Platform is Web Based is support Computer / Laptop / Smart Phone. You Can Send Whatsapp Campaign Any Time, Any Where. Or You can Download Our Android Apps at Play Store

API Doc you can read here

APP Builder is a Platform that you can make a mobile apps without knowing coding or program. Just Drag and Drop. Your Andoid APPs is also Upload into our Play Store