Guide to Change Instagram Latest Video Cover

How to change the cover of a video on Instagram that we post on our Instagram account feed? apparently now there is the latest feature of the Instagram application, namely regarding Instagram video covers or thumbnails, we can customize them as desired by taking pictures from our cellphone albums or gallery. 

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With this feature, it will make the feed display on Instagram videos more interesting because we can adjust the cover appearance of the videos that we post on Instagram. 

Just as on YouTube, which can create thumbnails of posted videos, now Instagram can also do so for posts on Instagram feeds. 

How to Change Instagram Latest Video Cover

How to Change Instagram Latest Video Cover

And on this occasion, we share a complete tutorial on how to easily make video covers on Instagram without additional applications, but simply take advantage of the latest features of the Instagram application itself. Listen and follow the following steps to make it. 

  • First, make sure you have updated the latest version of the Instagram application on the Play Store or App Store. 
  • After that, you can run the Instagram application on your Android / iPhone cellphone. 
  • Then, if you are already on the Instagram home page, you tap on the plus sign icon in the top menu, then select Posts.
  • After that you select the video from the gallery that you want to post to Instagram feeds. 
  • If you have, click the arrow in the upper right corner, then you can adjust it to edit the appearance of the video to make it look better, such as by adding stickers, text, filters and more, and if you can click next. 
  • Then to add a cover to an Instagram video, you can tap on the cover letter, then click the word ‘add from gallery’, and select the photo that will be used as the cover or cover for the Instagram video. 
  • After that you can tap done, and continue to click share to post it to feeds on your Instagram. 

Well, then after posting, you can see on your Instagram feeds or profile, so now the video post has a cover installed according to what we have set earlier. Okay, that’s all the information we can convey in this article about how to change the cover of the video on the latest Instagram 2022. Hopefully this article can help you, and good luck with the method. 

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