How to Download Songs on Spotify

Bring your favorite music with you. Even without an internet connection, Spotify Premium subscribers may listen to the extensive catalog of the streaming service. Here’s how to Download Songs on Spotify so you can listen to them later.

Download Songs on Spotify
Download Songs on Spotify

If you have an internet connection, music streaming services like Spotify offer millions of songs at your disposal. Download the songs to your device for offline listening if you need to save data or if you want to listen to a playlist on a plane or during a commute with a lot of dead zones (when we’re doing it again).

Up to 10,000 tracks may be downloaded by Spotify Premium users on a maximum of five devices. On Spotify’s free, ad-supported tier, you may download podcasts for mobile devices such phones and tablets.

Downloading Songs, Albums and Playlists on Spotify

On iOS and Android, the UI differs somewhat, but the procedure is the same. To download an album or playlist, find it. On iOS, press the upward-pointing arrow; on Android, tap the Download toggle in the upper right.

Each song on the album will have a downward-pointing arrow next to it; once the download is finished, the arrows will turn green. Your internet speed determines how long it takes.

When you wish to listen while offline, go to Your Library > Music and look for your music in the Albums or Playlists sections. The downward-facing green arrow indicates that the album or playlist has been downloaded and is ready for offline consumption.

Turn on Out Mode to see just the material you have downloaded if you know you’ll be offline for a long, as when flying. Toggle Offline mode on by tapping Home and the gear icon in the upper right corner of Android. Tap Home > [gear icon] > Playback > Offline on an iOS device.

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How to Remove Albums and Playlists From Downloads

Go to the album or playlist you wish to remove from downloads, toggle the Downloaded button to off (Android), or press the green, downward-facing arrow in the upper left and choose Remove from the pop-up box, if you no longer want offline access or need to free up space on your device (iOS).

How to Download Podcasts on Mobile

One of our favorite podcast applications is Spotify, which makes it easy to store your music and podcasts in one location. You may follow a particular podcast and download new episodes as they are added to your library, or you can download individual episodes that you’d want to check out for offline usage. Both Android and iOS use the same procedure.

Find a podcast you want to listen to first by searching or browsing. You may hit the downward-pointing arrow on the podcast’s page to immediately download a particular episode. You may also choose Follow, which will add fresh episodes as they are published to your collection. After that, you may download episodes whenever you want by going to Your Library > Podcasts > Episodes. Your Library > Podcasts > Downloads is where you may locate downloaded episodes.

Download Songs on Spotify
Download Songs on Spotify

How to Preserve Data While Downloading on Mobile

If you’re downloading a lot of songs and playlists for your phone, you may want to limit such downloads to Wi-Fi only to avoid exceeding your monthly data limitation. Go to Home > [gear icon] > Music Quality > Download Using Cellular on an iOS device. It’s Home > [gear icon] > Download Using Cellular on Android.

How to Download Songs From Spotify on Desktop

Spotify’s desktop app only lets you download playlists; you cannot download albums or podcasts.

Tap the Download option in the upper right corner of the playlist you want to download. Once finished, it will display Downloaded. On the left menu, downloaded playlists will have a green arrow pointing down. To uninstall the download, click the toggle once more.


Spotify needs users to connect to the internet at least once every 30 days in order to prevent individuals from downloading a lot of material on their devices and then canceling their Premium subscriptions. Cellular service works quite nicely. If not, after a month you will no longer have access to downloaded music and podcasts.

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