How to Enter 2022 Snack Video Invitation Code, earn Extra Money!

One way to make money on Snack Video is by using the Snack Video invitation code .This method is the most common way to get more coins and bonus money from this live streaming application .

You only need to invite friends using your invitation code/ referral code . Not only new users get a bonus, but you as the owner of the code will also get a hefty bonus.

Curious how to use the Snack Video invitation code? We will explain in full in the following article. Listen to the end!

How to Enter Snack Video Invitation Code

Snack Video invitation code

You can do several ways to get coins in Snack Video . One of the easiest is to attract new users to sign up using your invitation code .

The more new users who use your Snack Video invitation code, the more prizes you will get. This prize will also be obtained by new users who use the referral code .

The latest Snack Video invitation code is a set of digits composed of random letters and numbers that form a unique code. Every time a new user uses your code, you can get a maximum bonus of 5 USD .

For those of you who are curious about how to enter the Snack Video invitation code, here are the steps:

  1. Install the Snack Video app. Read the following article to download the latest Snack Video APK 2022 .
  2. Open the installed application.
  3. Create a Snack Video account by registering using an active mobile number.
  4. If you have successfully registered, click the “Event” icon in the form of a floating yellow Rupiah coin logo.
  5. Enter today’s Snack Video invitation code that you got in the “Enter Invitation Code” column
  6. Click “Confirm” .
  7. If successful, you will automatically get coins which you can later withdraw to your digital wallet.

Don’t have a Snack Video 2022 invitation code yet? You can use some of the codes that ApkVenue has:

  • 470153185
  • 295796175
  • 470153185
  • 295796175
  • 662004390
  • 277546832
  • 873326717

A little information, that using the Snack Video code to get this money can only be done by new users . You have 72 hours from account creation to enter the code and get the reward.

After that, you can no longer do it. But don’t worry, as an old user you can also share your invitation code for use by friends. Get a prize together!

How to View Snack Video Invitation Code

You want to invite more friends to use your Snack Video 2021 referral code but don’t know how to view it? Here ‘s how to invite friends on Snack Video :

  1. Open the Snack Video app.
  2. Click on the yellow Snack Video coin logo floating on the homepage.
  3. Press “Copy” on the invitation code.
  4. Share the link that you copied earlier on social media Twitter. You can also directly share it with your friends via WhatsApp and get the money. It’s at the bottom of the screen.

Why Can’t I Enter Snack Video Invitation Code?

Like any other money-making app , Snack Video often crashes. One of them is the notification “Account binding failed because you are already our loyal user” when entering the Snack Video invitation code.

Don’t be frustrated just yet and find out how to delete a Snack Video account right away ! That means, you are an old user of this application, gang. Indeed, the task of entering this referral code can only be done by new Snack Video users.

So for those who like to find out how to enter an old user Snack Video invitation code, the answer is obviously yes. It can’t be done. Alternatively, you can create a new account on a different device.

Why Isn’t the Snack Video Invitation Code Showing Up?

In addition to the above problems, often old users also experience the problem of the Snack Video invitation code not showing up . In this case, you don’t need to worry, because the solution is simple.

Make sure that your Snack Video app is updated to the latest version on the Google Play Store.

If the invitation code still doesn’t appear, you can try reinstalling the app. Uninstall first, then reinstall. Then see if the Snack Video invitation code has appeared or not.

The final word

Well, that was our explanation on how to use the Snack Video invitation code to get extra money.

We have also provided a solution for those of you who have problems when you want to enter the invitation code. Hope you can help!

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