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How to Find Your AirPods When They Go Missing

This article outlines four distinct methods for locating lost AirPods. The instructions apply to both AirPods and AirPods Pro, as well as iOS devices running iOS 10.3 or later.

How to Find Your AirPods When They Go Missing
Find Lost AirPods

How to Find Lost AirPods on iOS and iPadOS Devices

Here’s how to use Find My on your iPhone or any iOS or iPadOS device to locate your misplaced AirPods.

Warning: Before you lose your AirPods, make sure the Find My function on your iOS smartphone is turned on. There is no way to activate it once you have lost a device. When you activate Find My on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, the capability is also active on your AirPods.

  • Open the Find My app on your iOS smartphone and choose Devices.
  • Scroll through your device list and tap your AirPods.
  • Your AirPods will be plotted on a map at their current or last known location. Tap Instructions to open Apple Maps and receive driving directions to their location.

If the missing AirPods cannot be located, the message No Location Found will appear (more on this below).

Tip: If your AirPods are not in the same location, the map will only display one of them at a time. Locate the AirPod shown on the map and replace it in the case. The map will then update and display the other AirPod to assist you in finding it.

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How to Use iCloud to Recover Lost AirPods

You don’t have an iOS device? Follow these methods to locate your missing AirPods from a computer using iCloud:

  • Sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID.
  • Select Find iPhone.
  • Select All Devices. (You may need to sign in again.)
  • Select your AirPods.
  • Your AirPods’ current or last known position is represented on a map.

Note: You may also use the Find My program on your Mac to locate your AirPods. Start the app, then touch your AirPods to see their position on a map.

How to Locate Your Apple AirPods on a Mac

  • You may also use the Find My app on your Mac to locate your AirPods.
  • Find My on your Mac may be accessed through Spotlight Search, Launchpad, or your programs folder.
  • Devices should be tapped.
  • Tap the AirPods. Their position will be shown on a map.

How to Get Lost AirPods to Make a Sound

If your lost AirPods are nearby and linked to Bluetooth, you may play a sound to assist you locate them. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Choose your AirPods in the Find My app (on iOS and iPadOS devices or on a Mac) or the Find iPhone section of iCloud.
  • Tap Devices > [your AirPods] > Play Sound on iOS.
  • Select All Devices > [your AirPods] > Play Sound in iCloud.
  • Hit your AirPods on the map in the Find My app on a Mac, then tap Play Sound.
  • If your AirPods are close, a sound will be played to assist you find them. You have the option of playing the sound via either the Left or Right AirPod. To silence the sound, use the Stop button.

What Should You Do If You Can’t Find Your Lost AirPods

There are many reasons why you may get a No Location Found message while attempting to locate your misplaced AirPods.

You won’t be able to find your AirPods if you didn’t enable Find My before they went lost. If your AirPods are not charged, they will not be detected until they are. They will not display if they are out of range of your iOS device.

You can’t play a sound to discover your AirPods if you get the No Place Found notice, but you may be able to obtain instructions to the location where they were last connected.

We hate to tell it, but if none of this works, you may need to consider getting new AirPods. If you’re done with Apple, there are lots of alternative terrific wireless earbuds on the market that will get you back on track. If you’ve just lost one AirPod, you may purchase a replacement from Apple and connect it.

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