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How to Recover Data from a Broken Android Device

I have an excellent track record. There hasn’t been a single failure in 7,967 days of using an Android smartphone for the first time. Anyone who is always on the point of dropping a smartphone would be surprised, but my Android accident-free streak came to an end unexpectedly.

recover data from broken android
recover data from broken android

My Android smartphone cracked despite the fact that I did not drop or destroy it. Seeing such a smashed mobile phone, I realized that even if I was cautious not to drop my smartphone so near to my passion, I may encounter such catastrophe at any moment. Even if this valuable Android smartphone crashes or goes off someplace, we researched if there is a method to keep the data within secure.

The story of the broken Android smartphone

To begin with, the future measures may not be able to switch on the smartphone or use it normally on the surface, but they can be imposed only if the smartphone is genuinely used within.

That’s exactly what happened to me. During a workout, a 20kg dumbbell tumbled over the Pixel 6. Surprisingly, the smartphone did not break. Only by peering extremely carefully could the damaged section be noticed. However, the screen no longer turned on. The music continued to play, but it was ineffective since the smartphone’s screen remained dark.

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Because I had insurance, I was able to replace the equipment within a few days. The issue is that the old smartphone was gathered. In other words, both my personal and professional information might end up in the hands of others. Initialization was difficult without a device.

So the activities done are as follows: If you are in a similar circumstance, I highly advise you to follow the three procedures below. Even if you are unable to use your smartphone, you may secure your data without becoming concerned.

Step 1: Remote Factory Reset

Even if there is no reaction when you touch the screen of your smartphone or you are unable to push the menu, you may use factory reset to wipe both your account and data. Of course, if you keep this in mind, you will be able to utilize it correctly.

The procedure is quite simple. Launch the Chrome browser and type ‘Find My Phone’ in the address bar to access Google’s ‘Find My Device’ page. The Chrome account and the smartphone account must be connected in this situation.

Locate the damaged device under Find My Device and choose the “Recover” option. With the recovery option, you may fully wipe all remaining information on the device, down to the last one, and remotely reset it.

This approach, of course, does not work if the smartphone is entirely switched off. However, if the smartphone is still turned on and operational, it is a very handy approach to remotely wipe data even if you cannot physically touch it. Particularly before they end up in the hands of others.

Step 2: Confirm to disconnect your Google account

Even if you’ve already reset your smartphone, go to the ‘My Device’ tab on the Google account website. On the My Devices screen, you can see whether your Google account is linked to an old smartphone and disable it. Locate the name of the smartphone you were using and press the ‘Logout’ button.

If you have more than one Google account associated with a device (for example, one personal account and one work account), you must log in to each of those Google accounts and follow the procedures outlined above.

Step 3: Sign out of the Messages app

If you utilize the Google Android Messages app, this is the most critical step, yet it’s easy to ignore.

To support the next generation of “chat” capabilities, the Messages app makes use of RCS, a new communications standard. As a result, if your contacts use RCS technology, the Messages app includes current messaging capabilities like as encryption, mark-as-you-go, and message read notifications.

Of sure, it’s a convenient function, but when an Android smartphone fails, the standard presents a new issue. When you quit using one Android device and switch to another, your Messages account is often kept attached to the ‘old’ handset. As a consequence, all messages sent to the user are also delivered to the old smartphone, increasing the possibility of difficulties entering into the ‘chat’ system on the new device.

Recover Data
recover data from broken android

As long as you recall properly, the answer to this issue is straightforward. Access the Google Help page for ‘How to stop the chat feature’ in the web browser of the smartphone or computer to which you are signed in. At the bottom of that screen, enter your phone number to remotely unlock all linked devices and log out.

Before logging out, Google will send you a text message asking you to confirm one final time. If the faulty Android smartphone is still turned on, use Google’s specialized pairing web software on your computer to examine the content and copy the code.

Following this procedure, the account of the no longer in use smartphone is disconnected, and sensitive information is fully erased. You may now do anything you want with it, such as shipping it to the manufacturer or bringing it to a repair shop. Now that you know how, if your Android smartphone breaks down again, you won’t have to worry about it. Let’s concentrate on breaking the streak-free record.

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