How You Can Make Money Online As a Teen in 2022

It might be difficult to earn money as a teenager. After all, most occupations involve some level of competence or experience, and most adolescent jobs, such as fast food, are not particularly gratifying and pay very little.

How You Can Make Money Online As a Teen in 2022
Make Money Online

However, if you are an adolescent in today’s environment, you have a significant benefit that your parents did not have. You have the Internet, which is a vast open marketplace where anybody – even a teenager – may generate money.

In this post, we will look at some of the several methods you may generate money online.

Opinion Surveys

The opinion survey is one of the most traditional methods to get money online. You essentially make an account and provide feedback by filling out a form or ticking specific boxes.

However, many of these online survey websites are scammers. So, to begin, you must find the correct one. Furthermore, even if you can discover one that is authentic, the compensation is generally pitiful, such as three dollars for a 45-minute survey.

Furthermore, you will discover that you are excluded at some time throughout the survey, which earned you nothing. Still, if you discover the proper provider, this is one of the ways you may generate money.

Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are the greatest possibilities we’ve discovered; you can find additional sites here.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the most well-known site for being paid to do surveys. They have been in business for almost 14 years and are the market leader in their field. You may earn points by doing surveys and completing other tasks, which can then be redeemed for real money through PayPal.


Swagbucks provides online surveys in addition to a variety of other methods to earn money and gift cards, such as viewing movies, utilizing their search engine, and completing daily tasks and polls.

Publishing Fiction on Amazon

If you like writing fiction, you should think about self-publishing it on Amazon. It is quite simple to self-publish on Amazon, and many individuals do so successfully.

The majority of self-published writers do not earn enough to live on, but there are some six-figure earners and even a few of millionaires.

If you’re currently producing fiction tales and novels, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t attempt to monetize them by publishing them on Amazon.

You could get fortunate and sell a lot of copies, attracting one of New York’s major publishers.

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Selling Textbooks

If you purchased your own class textbooks, chances are you’ll be able to sell them elsewhere online.

Used bookshops acquire class textbooks at a low cost and resale them to students who cannot afford to buy a new textbook.

You may even be able to turn it into a company. If you can discover textbooks from your local high school or college at yard sales and pay a very low price for them, you may be able to resale them online and earn a profit.

You may even be able to purchase them from classmates and resale them for a profit.
make money online

Sell Your Artwork or Designs

You may sell your own artwork or designs online in a variety of ways. There are several businesses that will let you take an item of stuff and put your own logo or design to it.

Teespring is just one of the firms that allows you to post anything, put it on a T-shirt, mug, sweatshirt, or other products, and then advertise and sell it on Facebook for a profit.

You will be paid a commission each time someone orders one of these things. You may put your designs on a variety of clothes and accessory products.

We actually prepared a whole tutorial on how to sell your work online and generate money, so have a look at it if you want to learn more.

Write Articles for Others

If you’ve always received high marks in English and your papers have always garnered compliments, you should think about writing articles for people online.

There are several businesses that will pay you to publish articles. Some pay less than others, particularly if you’re a newbie, but there are many individuals who make a livelihood as an online freelance writer.

You may also offer your services on various forums and charge whatever you like. You may either write about factual topics that you can investigate online or become a fiction ghostwriter.

Promote Your Childcare Services

Babysitting is still a viable way to earn money as a teenager nowadays, but the manner you advertise has changed. People nowadays use the Internet to find everything, whether via their computer or an app on their smartphone.

In any case, you must market your babysitting services online. is only one of the many websites that connect babysitters with prospective customers.

Register with as many of these websites and applications as you can to acquire as many employment as possible.

Find Outlandish Ways to Make Money on Fiverr

There are certain methods to generate money on Fiverr that are completely out of the box. People may be seeking for creative methods to promote their company, such as painting their logo in the sand on the beach or hanging up banners throughout your area to entice passers-by to visit the advertiser’s website.

If you’re seeking for something interesting and exciting to do, you should certainly look into that area. Of course, you’ll have to do a lot of strange things to earn any kind of reasonable money on Fiverr.

Do Customer Service at Home for U-Haul

Doing customer service from home has become rather typical. However, virtually all organizations will ask that you be at least 18 years old before they would employ you.

However, the moving giant U-Haul has made it a policy to recruit both children and adults to provide customer support from their homes.

You obviously need to have your own telephone, as well as Internet connection and a computer. However, if you have these items, you will be able to give customer care to U-Haul clients while also earning money.

Sell Your Work on Etsy

If you manufacture jewelry, woodcarvings, or other artistic products, you should think about selling them online. You may always use eBay, but for these sorts of items, Etsy is superior than any other website.

Customers that read sites on Etsy are seeking for varied handcrafted products similar to the ones you provide. It may take some time to create a following, but you can sell a few goods and earn some additional money in the interim. The products you may offer are only limited by your own creativity.

Make Graphic Designs, Logos, and More

If you are skilled at sketching or making designs on a computer using tools such as Photoshop, you can consider working as a freelance graphic designer or logo designer. People are always eager to pay for high-quality graphic design.

This includes logos for small businesses and corporations, infographics, commercials, book covers, and much more. There are websites where you may offer your services, as well as several that list persons seeking for a professional graphic designer.

You should have no trouble finding job with a little effort.

Create Websites or Program Applications

If you are competent in such areas, you may be able to get employment as a website designer or developer. Coding apps for Android and iOS are now two of the most popular job markets.

Some consumers are just interested in a basic application that performs one thing and are prepared to pay a high price for it.

Others want to create a beautiful website or personalize their own WordPress theme. If you know how to perform these things, you will undoubtedly have an edge while looking for work online.

Do Online Tutoring

Some internet tutoring services may employ teens. SameSpeak, for example, is a firm that will recruit people aged 16 and above.

Online tutoring is available via Skype or another instant messaging service, as well as Facetime or over the phone. Many businesses already have the infrastructure in place for you to instruct someone, such as a whiteboard on which you can draw, a location for video and audio multimedia, and a video chat interface with which you may engage.

The salary varies depending on the topic and the firm, but you should certainly start with one that is prepared to recruit adolescents.

Make a YouTube channel

Of course, you’re aware that YouTube is a terrific location to generate money. If you can make captivating videos and acquire a list of subscribers, you may be able to monetize and profit from them in the future.

It takes a few years to make anything meaningful, but even if you just made a few dollars a week by releasing videos twice a week, you would have a tremendous edge over many of the other teenagers out there since your YouTube channel may go off in the future.

Of course, there is a lot of competition out there, so you must be distinctive and captivating to stand out from the other movies that accomplish the same thing as you.

Work for Humanatic

Humanatic is a corporation that will employ you if you are above the age of 17 to listen to recorded phone conversations and verify their quality.

You’ve undoubtedly heard an automated message on some phone calls saying that your call will be recorded for quality assurance. You may be one of those persons that listens to the quality assurance phone call.

This firm employs teenagers aged 17 and above to listen to and assess these phone conversations. After listening to the phone conversation, you will complete an evaluation so that the business and the employee are both aware of how the call went.

However, in order to accept money from them, you must have a PayPal account.

Listen to Music on Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is a firm that pays you to listen to and analyze music. The method is used to choose music for particular reasons or to determine which tracks on an album should be released as singles.

Some of the music is from highly well-known musicians, while others are more independent. You will be given a few questions about each piece of music you listen to, including a scale rating.

This firm is incredibly simple to join and begin working for, however there is always music available and the pay is just a few pence each song.


The main line is that, although traditional means of getting money as a teenager, such as fast food restaurants and babysitting, are still available, there are several more alternatives available on the internet.

You may even start your own business or figure out what you really like doing. It might be difficult to locate firms prepared to offer you a chance as a teenager, but as you can see from the companies included in this article, there are some out there.

Hopefully, you now have some ideas for how you might make some additional cash. This may not help in the short term, as there is usually a sign-up process, a hiring process, and then a few days to get paid after doing the work, but it can serve as the ideal summer job and pays much better than flipping burgers inside a fast food restaurant or stocking shelves at your local big-box store.

Teenagers today have more options to earn money than ever before, thanks to the Internet, and there should be no reason why anybody cannot find job online.

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