Lost Atlantis of Japan: a city with pyramids and hieroglyphs is hidden under the water (photo)

Scientists are still wondering whether people or nature created it, and some are sure that this is the fruit of the creation of aliens.

Lost Atlantis of Japan
Photo: Unveiled/YouTube | There are three theories about the appearance of Yonaguni.

Lost Japanese Atlantis is not new at all. The lost city was first discovered back in 1986 – then a local diver explored the southern Japanese islands of Ryukyu in search of sharks and stumbled upon a mysterious pyramid with ancient hieroglyphs on the walls, hidden at a depth of about 25 meters under the surface of the water, writes Daily Star .

The underwater monument was named Yonaguni, and for the next few decades, scientists have been actively studying it. For example, the first diver who discovered the city claimed that it consisted of perfectly carved steps with straight edges.

Japan's new Atlantis is hidden under 25 meters of water.
Japan’s new Atlantis is hidden under 25 meters of water.

According to preliminary data, the underwater city is about 10 thousand years old, but its origin is still a mystery. There are three main ideas for the emergence of Japanese Atlantis.

According to the first theory , this architectural monument is man-made. Allegedly, it was built around 12000 BC by the prehistoric Japanese people of the Jomon. Some scientists note that ancient hieroglyphs can be seen on the walls of the city, which indicates that the city was created by people.

Masaaki Kimura, a marine geologist from Ryukyu University, who has studied the city for over 20 years, also adheres to this theory. According to him, small sites, pottery, hearths and stone tools were also found at this site.

According to the second theory , the underwater city off the coast of Japan is the result of the work of aliens. Note that this version is supported by fans of conspiracy theories.

According to the third theory , Yonaguni is a completely natural phenomenon. Dr. Robert Schoch, for example, believes that the even steps that divers have noticed are nothing more than the result of erosion. In his opinion, not a single part of the monument was built from separate stone blocks, and therefore is probably a creation of nature itself.

The Lost City was discovered back in 1986.
The Lost City was discovered back in 1986.

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