PUBG Mobile Best Accuracy Code (2022)

Best Exact Code for PUBG Mobile The simple answer depends on your devices and play style. Some use 2-finger full gyroscope, others use 3-5 fingers with ads + gyroscope. But that’s okay, in this post I ‘ll show you some of the best scopes for general users, especially for better recoil control in a 3x or 6x scope spray. You have to admit that it is highly recommended to control the recoil with a gyroscope, but I still confuse it with some features of advertising. Therefore, this sensitivity may not be suitable for those of you who do not turn on the gyroscope.

The sensitivity I will suggest below can be used for 2-finger , 3-finger , 4-finger or 5-finger users , you can customize the control buttons as you like in the settings.

PUBG Mobile Best Accuracy Code (2022)

Keep in mind that this is the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile based on my experience. It might not work for you, but if you want, give it a try and don’t forget to back up your sensitivity by clicking Upload to Cloud. It’s under ” Sensitivity Settings “.

Best PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings for Mobile

  • Open PUBG Mobile
  • Go to “Settings” / “Sensitivity settings”

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Camera sensitivity settings (free view)

These camera settings include third person camera, parachute camera, vehicle.

  • Third person camera = 111%
  • 1st person camera = 63%
  • Camera (parachute) = 107%

ADS sensitivity settings

The ADS settings affect the sensitivity of the camera when the screen scrolls when you press the fire button to keep your muzzle down. This is good for checking 3x and 6x.

  • 3rd person not insured = 82%
  • Person 1 Revealed = 75%
  • Red dot, virtual, aim assist = 44%
  • Double coverage = 25%
  • 3x coverage and Win94 = 26%
  • 4x coverage and VSS = 25%
  • 6x coverage = 20%
  • 8x coverage = 13%

Camera sensitivity settings

This setting affects the camera’s sensitivity when scrolling without triggering the screen.

  • 3rd person not insured = 69%
  • Person 1 not covered = 62%
  • Red dot, virtual, aim assist = 40%
  • Double coating = 30%
  • 3x coverage and Win94 = 22%
  • 4x coverage and VSS = 14%
  • 6x coverage = 11%
  • 8x coverage = 10%

Gyro sensitivity settings

  • Excellent recoil control effect depends on this, it is highly recommended to turn it on.
  • Third party not covered = 193%
  • Person 1 not covered = 198%
  • Red dot, holographic, aim assist = 168%
  • Double coverage = 331%
  • 3X Scope and Win94 = 174%
  • 4x coverage and VSS = 198%
  • 6x coverage = 72%
  • 8x coverage = 48%

So don’t waste your time setting it up one by one, please copy my code and paste it into your layout.

PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Setting Code


How do I backup or use a privacy code?


  • In “Sensitivity Settings” scroll down
  • Click Upload to Cloud and then OK.


  • Click Manage Layouts.
  • Then “Apply”

Use someone else’s feeling code

  • Click Manage Layouts.
  • Then “Search Method”.
  • Paste the “Preview” code
  • “Use Layout”

Share your privacy code

  • Click Manage Layouts.
  • Then “Share”
  • set
  • Then “Police and share”

Feel free to modify it to suit your fingers and game more. Again,   PUBG’s sensitivity settings   need to be different, so this is the best setting I’ve found so far. Just use it, it might work for you. Don’t forget to make a backup beforehand.

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