Spanish Wordle Answer August 2022: Daily Update

Are you stuck with today’s Spanish Wordle? In this post we are going to give you a series of clues and the final solution of today’s Wordle, August 26 . If you also play Wordle but just today you don’t know how to continue, you’re in the right place, let’s get down to business!

First we will explain how you can solve Wordle number #231 on your own through a series of increasingly clarifying clues (read carefully) and then, in case you still do not have the solution, we will reveal the hidden word of the day. At the end of the article you will find the same procedure for the Scientific Wordle , first clues and then the solution.

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How to solve today’s Spanish Wordle

Spanish Wordle Answer August 2022: Daily Update
Do you want to know how to solve today’s Wordle? 
Pay attention

Before moving on to the clues, remember that it is especially important that you choose the letters well, especially look at those letters marked in yellow, which are part of the word of the day but are not well placed. If you control this mechanic it will be much easier for you to find the Wordle #231 solution . If for whatever reason you have already entered three or four words and you think you will not be able to solve it, pay attention to these clues:

  • Today’s word begins with a D and ends with an A.
  • This word contains TWO vowels.
  • Today’s word contains TWO syllables.

Still don’t know? Next we give you the solution to today’s Wordle in Spanish , number #231 . Be careful, spoilers are coming .

Today’s word for **August 25* is:


How to Solve Today’s Scientific Wordle

We now turn to the scientific Wordle, a challenge for “little brains”, something more complicated than the usual Wordle in Spanish. Remember that the extension of the scientific Wordle is not limited to the five letters of the normal Wordle, but can vary between three and seven letters.

For the rest, it works exactly the same as the Spanish Wordle, only the hidden word has to do with science . It can be an animal, the name of a gas, a scientist… Use the same mechanics and keep mother science in mind, from there, it should come out.

If for whatever reason you are stuck with the solution of the scientific Wordle number 163 , here are some clues:

  • Today’s scientific Wordle word begins with R.
  • Today’s Scientific Wordle word has two vowels.
  • Today’s Scientific Wordle word ends in R.

Still don’t know? Be careful because next we will tell you the solution to today’s scientific Wordle.

The word for today , August 26, from the scientific Wordle is:

  • River

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How Does Spanish Wordle Work?

Spanish Wordle works in largely the same manner as its English counterpart. The objective is to guess the correct word in only six tries. Every guess must be a five-letter word and must be recognized by the game’s dictionary. This, of course, means that you should have at least a cursory knowledge of Spanish, as you won’t get anywhere by simply taking shots in the dark. As with the original, correct letters will be colored green, misplaced letters will be colored yellow, and incorrect letters will be darkened.

When Does Spanish Wordle Reset?

A new Spanish Wordle is available every night at around 11 p.m. CT.

How Do You Share Spanish Wordle Results?

Once you’ve solved a puzzle, a pop-up will appear with your overall results. Click on the button that reads COMPARTIR RESULTADO to share automatically. You can also share manually to Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram — or, you can simply copy your results to the clipboard — via the five buttons underneath.

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