The latest Pokémon Go event Finally allows you to evolve Cosmog

After dragging it out for a month and completing all the requirements, we are finally permitted to develop into Cosmoem.


The addition of Cosmog to Pokémon Go at the start of the Season of Light, the most recent quarterly season, was done in the most perplexing way conceivable. Finally appearing in the mobile game, this fan favorite pocket monster was in an unevolvable state. Now that the week-long Evolving Stars event has begun, it can, at long last. Just one step, however.

POGO has had a pretty strange recent period. The wording and event concepts in the game have never really been spectacular (violent pun intended), but in 2022 they started to become confusing. Players have expressed frustration about the lack of clear communication on everything, from covid-19 safety to the purpose of the whole Ultra Beast wormhole tale. I thus hoped for some clarity to light on things with the Season of Light’s new beginning.

Instead, Cosmog and Professor Willow both showed up, and A Cosmic Companion—yet another inadequately labeled stop-start Special Research event—was introduced. Players acquired Cosmog via it around the beginning of September, and then…it suddenly stopped. The following step has started today, one month later, and it will let us to be astounded to learn that this Pokémon can develop!

Imagine if it had originally arrived in Pokémon Sun and Moon six years before as the main Pokémon of the whole game, and we were all already familiar with its three-stage evolutionary path, for more than a decade

In today’s update, Willow asks whether you and Rhi have been able to identify this implausibly obscure and mysterious monster, picking up a dialogue you’ve long since forgotten and have no way of seeing replayed in-game. (Rhi was the wormhole character in the blue suit who we first met back in the Summer.) You now know that it is named Cosmog! Extraordinary. It’s time to develop it into Cosmoem right now, but you have no way of knowing that since nobody has ever heard of it.

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POGO’s insistence on operating its narratives as though completely apart from the rest of the Pokémon universe baffles me, not the least since it always includes pretending players are unaware of important details that were established in the mainstream games years earlier.

You could find it annoying to have to develop the Cosmog as there is only one that has been handed to us. However, the following is stated on the official website:

I’m not sure whether this is a hint of some type of time-traveling mischief to come (I inquired, and was informed it’s not a typo for “not-too-distant future,” but they’re also not ready to reveal when), but I have been told it’s not. They’re going to add another in 2076, but only if you let a stranger cough straight into your mouth, given how this year has gone in the game, so I should definitely think it’s real.

The conclusion of this Special Research is scheduled for November 23, giving us another month and a half to pretend to be shocked when we learn the outcome of the two-way evolutionary split between Solgaleo and Lunala. And if they have the intelligence to incorporate Necrozma, whether or not we’ll get anything genuinely intriguing.

As it turns out, Pokémon Go hasn’t had the best week. The three team leaders’ latest relaunch brought forth some really grotesque characters (the new Spark still looks like he’s been run over by a steamroller) and the revelation that Apple’s pricing increases would cause the game’s already exorbitant costs to rise in a number of regions.

I’m prepared to forgive the game anything in my chase of a shiny of either Rhyhorn or Ralts since, thank goodness, they are both back in the wild as of this morning.

How To Get Cosmog

With the Season of Light event and the Battle League season beginning on September 1, 2022, Cosmog was introduced to Pokemon Go. You must finish a Special Research project named “A Cosmic Companion,” which was also introduced at the beginning of the Season of Light, in order to capture this legendary Pokemon. The very first section of the Research must be completed in order to encounter Cosmog, and because the assignments are all quite straightforward, you shouldn’t have too much problem.

evolve Cosmog
evolve Cosmog

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