The simplest way to speed up PC booting

Do you have any spare time? If so, let’s give your Windows PC a boost by stopping useless programs from automatically starting when you power it up.

speed up PC booting
speed up PC booting

Reduced startup time not only speeds computer boot time, but also helps keep the taskbar neat. Furthermore, it is possible to guarantee the process capacity of infrequently utilized applications.

For this basic PC maintenance, you don’t even need to acquire an expensive system cleanup program. All you have to do is browse quickly to the Windows Settings menu, which controls which programs launch when Windows boots. To turn off starting apps:

  • Click the Start menu and then the Settings icon in Windows 10 or 11.
  • Select ‘Apps Startup Programs.’
  • Turn off toggles for programs that should not be launched as soon as your computer starts up.

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Which apps should I turn off?

If you’re not sure which programs to deactivate, think about which ones you don’t need to run in the background all the time. Items labelled ‘High impact’ should be disabled since they are likely to slow down your PC on startup.

In my situation, I deactivated Slack, Microsoft Edge, and Logitech’s extra software. They were all programs that didn’t matter if they didn’t execute when the computer started. (In the case of Slack, you do not get alerts until you run the Slack desktop client. You may, however, get vital alerts using the mobile app.) Even if the software is not considered “high impact,” you may deactivate it if you do not need it to execute at startup time.

Certain programs, on the other hand, were permitted to launch on startup since they should constantly operate in the background. For example, I use AutoDarkMode to swap windows between bright and dark modes, flux (f.lux) to alter screen color, and Beeftext for commonly used characters. Please call straight away. We want to be able to utilize these apps as soon as we turn on the computer, so we keep them active regardless of how they affect performance.

These selections, of course, may be changed at any moment. Return to ‘Settings Apps Startup Programs’ and toggle it on or off again to update the configuration.

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