Top 10 natural products for our health

To stay healthy, Mother Nature puts real health benefits within reach. It is still necessary to know how to recognize in which products they are hiding…


Omega-3 fatty acids are called &laqu; essentials &raqu; because the body cannot synthesize them itself: the needs must therefore be met by the consumption of food or supplements. Omega-3s contribute to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, &agrav; constitution and integrity; cell membranes and strengthening the immune system.

They are found in fatty fish, vegetable oils, and flax, hemp, and chia seeds.


Top 10 natural products for our health

Probiotics are live microorganisms , bacteria or yeasts that are added as supplements or naturally present in certain food products. The best known probiotic food is fermented yogurt, especially the one you can make at home.

Probiotics are recognized for their health benefits: anti-diarrheal, anti-infective acting on the digestive tract, anti-ulcer, their mechanism is based on a symbiosis effect, which allows the intestinal flora to maintain its balance.

Baking soda

Top 10 natural products for our health

Bicarbonate has a thousand and one therapeutic virtues. Mixed with water in a glass and drunk in one go, it will help with difficult digestions . Placed on the toothbrush, it will make the teeth whiter , while in mouthwashes it will reduce oral acidity and fight canker sores and gingivitis. Combined with lemon juice, it would reduce inflammation…

In short, as it is also very inexpensive and can also be used as a household product, it is simply essential in a home!

Cider vinegar

Top 10 natural products for our health

Apple cider vinegar is known to fight digestive problems, reduce muscle pain, regulate blood sugar levels, and disinfect minor wounds, among other things.

To benefit from all its virtues, choose it of excellent quality, preferably organic, unpasteurized and aged in oak barrels for at least one year.

Olive oil

Symbol of the Cretan diet, olive oil is renowned for its beneficial effects on health but also for its beauty properties. Its cholesterol-lowering power is proven thanks to its monounsaturated fatty acids and its antioxidants, which makes it a precious ally for the heart .

In addition to its anti-cholesterol virtues, it would be useful in the event of a diet because the oleic acid it contains reduces feelings of hunger.

Essential oils

Essential oils are increasingly recognized for their health benefits, both physically and psychologically. Each of them has specific properties and can therefore be used in isolation or in synergy with other oils.

Among the best known are lavender essential oil , known for its calming and anti-itching effect, peppermint essential oil , known for its digestive properties, and ravintsara essential oil , which fights infections. related to the ENT sphere (colds, flu).

The lemon

Its richness in vitamin C , citric acid and flavonoids (known for their protection against cancer and cardiovascular diseases) make lemon one of the best allies of our health! In addition to its protective effect against disease and its anti-inflammatory effect, it has recognized slimming virtues: on an empty stomach, in a glass of lukewarm water every morning, it destocks fat, limits water retention and improves digestion. .. Perfect for a beautiful flat stomach  !


Eucalyptus ( from its scientific name Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus radiata) is a tree, with long dark green leaves, which grows in Australia and from which an oil with antiseptic and expectorant properties is extracted , hence its wide use in the context of of respiratory diseases.

In decoction, it sanitizes the house and kills germs  : we therefore recommend this use if a member of the family is sick to avoid possible contagion…


Echinacea , a plant native to North America, has recognized medicinal properties. It is recommended first on the preventive mode at each change of season to avoid colds and other respiratory diseases. It would also be effective against the flu and vaginal yeast infections.

In infusion, in decoction, in tincture, in capsules, its forms are varied, it will only be necessary to take care of the quality of the plant and its concentration (especially with regard to the capsules).


Honey is a 100% natural product made by bees using flower nectar. Its strong antioxidant power, equivalent to that of the majority of fruits and vegetables, would prevent cardiovascular diseases.

It also has antibacterial properties , which would allow it to prevent and treat certain minor gastrointestinal ailments or a gastric ulcer.

But beware, composed of more than 80% carbohydrates, it is only recommended in small doses to keep your line and teeth healthy!

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