User to open ports on IZZI ZTE F689 Router

The IZZI ZTE F689 Router provides basic access to adjust simple parameters of our equipment such as the name of Wi-Fi networks, IP ranges, among other functions, but with that user it is not allowed to open ports, or assign any equipment as DMZ. Doing any of the above actions (DMZ, Port Forwarding) for some strange reason is being charged by the IZZI company as a support service per event when it is simply enough to provide access with greater privilege for these tasks.

The basic user for the Izzi ZTE F689 router is as follows, but as we discussed there is not much that can be configured with this user.

  • user
  • user

To access the IZZI ZTE F689 Router with greater privileges, you must use the support user, which is the one that we leave below

  • Support
  • SupP0r#iZ21
User to open ports on IZZI ZTE F689 Router
Open DMZ Router IZZI ZTE F689

Configure IZZI ZTE F689 Router as DMZ

  • In the top menu we go to the Internet
  • When the side menu opens, we go to Security
  • We look for the DMZ Host tab
  • We mark the radio button of ON
  • In the WAN Connection entry select we set AUTO.
  • In the input Lan Host IP write the IP address of the device you want.

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