What not to do if you have a sunburn

Sunburn _are common in the summer. We tend to have bad reflexes in the face of these burns, here are the actions to avoid.

What not to do if you have a sunburn

Also called erythema, sunburn is a burn caused by the sun and its UVB rays. It is caused by poor protection and its severity varies according to several factors: the type of skin, the duration of exposure, etc.

Babies, children and the elderly are particularly prone to sunburn.

Let the skin do its job

To treat a sunburn , there are many tips. First, even if the burn starts to itch, you absolutely must not interfere with the immune system in its recovery process.

Thus, peeling skin should not be removed, otherwise the risk of infection will be increased and healing will be delayed. To soothe pain, use emollient creams and healing.

There are also natural remedies like honey or aloe Vera.

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Do not put a bandage on the blisters

During a sunburn, blisters may form on the affected area. If the latter are created, it is sometimes tempting to cover them with a bandage, so as not to expose them to foreign bodies.

In fact, leaving it exposed is the best way to heal effectively. In the same way, do not pierce the blisters!

Pay attention to her outfit

Wearing clothes on the sunburned part turns out to be a real ordeal. To reduce the pain caused by the friction of the tissues, it is recommended not to wear any material on the affected area.

It is then necessary to avoid irritating fabrics and clothing that is too tight. Favoring cotton is a solution on this subject.

Do not expose yourself for a few days

To let the healing take place, you must not expose the sunburn to its tormentor. Once the body has healed this burn, the mistake would be to think that we can go back to sunbathing.

In reality, it takes several days or even weeks for the skin to return to its normal shape after a sunburn. So don’t let the sun re-attack it too quickly!

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