Why is water needed for a diet? Reasons and effective intake

Even if you somehow know that water seems to be good for dieting, there are few people who practice (make) it unexpectedly. Based on the reason why water is on the side of diet and the secret to increasing metabolism, we will organize and introduce information related to diet, water, intake, etc.

Why is water needed for a diet?

Why do you need water for your diet?
Water is indispensable for the chemical reaction in the body.

Whether you get fat or lose weight when you drink water … I think there are many people who have been wondering, “Which one !?” In conclusion, you don’t get fat with water. Because it is non-calorie. If you are worried about swelling after drinking water, it is not enough to swell with water, so let’s take a look at life in general.

It is known that lack of water is life-threatening, but let’s take a look at why you can lose weight by ingesting water, what is the condition of lack of water, and information on diet and water. I will continue to do it.

The reason you need water for your diet is to increase your metabolism

Metabolism is “the work of taking in what you need and discharging what you don’t need.”

  • Digestion and absorption
  • Reincarnation of cells
  • Energy generation including fat burning
  • Blood circulation

It refers to various chemical reactions in the body. For example, digestion and absorption and energy generation are called hydrolysis, which relies on water. Fat burning takes place in the mitochondria of cells, but fat and waste products can be carried because water is abundant inside and outside the cells and is a medium. Blood also carries nutrients (sugar and fat), oxygen and waste products. Thus, we can see that water plays an important role in metabolism.

People who want a diet or beauty are encouraged to drink water because it is important for keeping their physical function healthy, and if there is not enough water, the diet will run idle. This is because it will end up.

Dry throat with water in the body

“Modern people suffer from chronic water shortages and become insensitive to dryness as they grow up,” according to Dr. Batmangheliji’s “Water Drinking Method to Cure Diseases,” and “Water and Physical Health” by Dr. Koichiro Fujita. If your body’s water content is reduced by 2%, you will feel thirsty, and if it is reduced by 3%, you will not feel thirsty. “

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Certainly, from many people who come to diet consultation,
“I can’t thirst”
“I can’t drink water (I can’t drink without taste)”
“About drinking 500 ml of oolong tea in a PET bottle”
On the contrary, I can drink alcohol with diuretic effect, luxury items, and juice with a lot of sugar and additives, so there seems to be room for reconsideration.

Recommended intake to drink while on a diet

Even in hospitals and advice on slimming, the number of instructions such as weight x 30 ml and weight x 40 ml is increasing depending on the physique and amount of activity. A simple calculation is 1650 to 2200 ml for a 55 kg person. The heavier you are, the higher your intake.

When you want to drink water

When you realize when you drink and when you don’t want to drink, it can be a barometer of your condition.

The best time to drink is to match your physical condition. Here are some examples of possible water shortages.

  • When weight and body fat percentage do not decrease
  • When there is a lot of activity
  • Lack of sleep (constipation)
  • When there is a lot of stress
  • After ingesting alcohol and caffeine

In my own experience, when I was in elementary school, I noticed that my nose was clogged when I was seated by the window. The time when my nose is clogged is the afternoon when the sun shines intensely. “When I’m thirsty, my nose gets clogged.” This is my “water shortage sign” that I learned when I was a kid.

Clogged nose, dry cough, headache, etc. may be signs of water shortage. If you can grasp your own water shortage sign, you can drink water according to the condition regardless of the amount mentioned above.

Changes in the body after drinking water

If you try to drink water, you will see changes in appearance as your body changes.

  • The face is refreshing
  • The neck is hosori
  • The stomach (constipation) is refreshing

There are also voices saying that the soles of the feet will be easier. If you answer with your body based on changes in appearance and experience, you can incorporate water intake into your life without a sense of duty.

Relationship between diet and water intake

The water absorbed from the intestines then returns to the stomach through the mucous membranes to prepare for digestive activity. It is said that the decrease in water in the stomach may be mistakenly taken as a sign of hunger. This directive seems to be rough, so if you are aware of overeating and feel like you are running out of water, try taking water between meals. The purpose is to drink water and not be fooled by fake appetite.

In addition, it is said that gabu-drinking is the same as eating doka. Drink 1 to 2 glasses per hour in small portions to avoid straining your internal organs and body (doing unnecessary work).

Let’s adjust the temperature of water to the condition of the body

The body can be warmed by drinking cold food. But if you drink too much,

  • Urine gets closer
  • My legs are cold and I can’t sleep
  • My butt cheeks hurt
  • I feel tired

Sometimes. If it gets cold even with normal temperature water, you can follow it with ginger tea, bathing, clothing, or switch to plain hot water.

How was it? A diet that makes it easy to see what you might need to refrain from. But the truth is, it may be confusing because you don’t have what you need. May your future diet be easy and energetic.

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